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Hours and Contact Info


Hours and Contact Info

Hours & Address

Delivery Hours-
Monday - Friday
11AM to 10PM
Last order of each day to be placed by 9PM please.

Customer Service Phone Hours-
Monday - Friday
9AM to 6PM

Online Ordering Hours- 24 / 7 / 365.
You can place orders with our
restaurants any time that works for you. 


207 Greenwich Ave
Stamford CT 06902




We prefer you place orders online. 
1) Doing so increases order accuracy.
2) Allows you to be much more specific with your exact order.
3) It helps keep prices lower.

Phone Orders
To place a phone order with any of our restaurants please call our customer service line and our "order takers" will assist you. 
203 890 9194

Email Orders 
All orders must have: Order content, Delivery address, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, Billing Address and Security Code. As well as a designated gratuity if you should wish to do so. We do not process orders with out payment. The most secure way of sending this information is to use our SSL certified online ordering system. We really don't encourage email orders.

No fax orders please.

Direct Contact To Each Kitchen

All mail should be sent to each kitchen care of Flavorism.

Aji Ramen
phone 203 890 9194

Fahrenheit 760
phone: 203 653 3663
email (chef Peter Ward)

Puebla Grill
phone: 203 653 2640
email (chef Jose Mendoza)

TBC Pizza Co.
phone: 203 653 3868
email (Pizza maker Leone Whitehead)

Farmer's Palette
phone: 203 653 3925
email (Chef Creator Gretchen Acquanita)

**for media inquiries, please contact Scott at Menumavin Food Service Marketing Group.


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Current Delivery Zones

Current Delivery Zones

Flavorism uses Delivery Zones for Home and Personal Orders.

Group accounts receive added benefits.

Group Accounts are offices and other group locations with active accounts. For group accounts we do not charge any delivery fees, and there are no minimum order requirements. To learn more about getting your group started click here.

For Delivery Zones there are no minimum order requirements. However, orders may incur a delivery fee based on the size or distance of the delivery. To learn more about our shrinking delivery fee click here.

Delivery Zones Map

All of the kitchens have the same delivery zones. Here is a link to Puebla's as an example. Flavorism delivery zones.

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Shrinking Delivery Charge

Shrinking Delivery Charge

How does a Shrinking Delivery Charge work?

  1. Based on the distance "cost" to deliver we reduce the delivery fee based on every dollar you spend with us. The more you spend the less it costs.
  2. We own our delivery vehicles. We use the most fuel efficient, safe and practical car/ truck for the average delivery route and order size.
  3. We pay our cooks and drivers well above minimum wage and well above the restaurant industry average but we also structure their work days to be very efficient. 
  4. In short we control our costs everywhere possible and pass along the savings to you, while elevating quality of product and service.

Why is a Shrinking Delivery Charge system beneficial to you?

  1. It keeps overall pricing low.
  2. Our culinary entrepreneurs can serve you without having to impose minimum order amounts.
  3. It makes it possible for us to create the feature where you can order from multiple Flavorism kitchens in one order.
  4. Because the charges disappear as the order value climbs, you save with every item purchased
  5. During peak hours we lower our charges because we know we are gaining efficiencies elsewhere in the business. The exact opposite of what 3rd party delivery systems do.

Group Ordering

Designed Specifically for Offices

Group Ordering

Designed Specifically for Offices

The Highlights

  • We service offices from 4 people to 1,000 or more.
  • Each person orders individually.
  • Subsidized accounts and non-subsidized accounts. 
  • No minimum order requirements.
  • No delivery charges.
  • No management / service fees.
  • On-time delivery every time.
  • Food is provided by Flavorism restaurants, as well as independent area restaurants