An army marches on its stomach

— Napoleon Bonaparte

Flavorism provides an exclusive multi-faceted approach to food service for your building. 

We combine or manage your building's in-house dining amenities, with local restaurants and caterers, food trucks and similar services, plus the great culinary teams at Flavorism. No matter which direction the individuals in your group need to go they will experience a simple process with tasty options and a support structure, all managed by Flavorism Managed Account Services.

Your team deserves:

  • A diverse, easy to access selection of food and beverage options.
  • A streamlined communications process.
  • Responsive customer service support system.
  • A cost effective, simple, accurate means of tracking, processing and distributing funds used in all its forms.

Your office is great at what you do. Let Flavorism be great at managing the flavor and logistics behind fueling your army.

Group Ordering Highlights

  • We service offices from 4 people to 1,000 or more.
  • Each person orders individually.
  • Subsidized accounts and non-subsidized accounts. 
  • No minimum order requirements.
  • No delivery charges.
  • No management / service fees.
  • On-time delivery every time.
  • Food is provided by Flavorism restaurants, as well as independent area restaurants

Convenient and Easy to Use

  • Each individual in your group receives their own unique "link." This link provides them direct access to specific restaurants, both within Flavorism as well as other local participating restaurants and caterers.
  • The link is unique to the individual, your company, and the menus available.
  • The link is beneficial because it works with any device you use. Desktop, phone, tablet, etc....there is no need to download an app - it simply works. You can also start an order on one device and continue to customize it on another.
  • The link tokenizes your information, which means you never have to remember passwords. The system simply works when you open it. Most users order in 30-40 seconds start to finish.

Priced Right
Accounting and Compliance made easy.

  • No minimum order requirements
  • No delivery charges
  • No service fees*
  • Subsidized accounts, partial payment accounts, and shared checks are all part of the standard day for our software.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly accounting reports and updates all available in real time through your company/ group dashboard.

Excellent Customer Service

  • Contact us directly with any questions, requests, ideas, thoughts, or comments. 
  • Our first goal each day is to get your team what they need. 
  • Our live customer support is in the same building as our kitchens and software engineers. The team answering our phones, emails, texts and social posts has immediate access to the culinary teams, farmers/suppliers, software developers, and delivery drivers. As a vertical enterprise, we offer and execute unequaled levels of service. 

What Differentiates Our Online and Mobile Ordering

  • Our menus are managed in real time -  meaning you see our true specials and true offerings. If we run out of something momentarily, the menu will let you know before you buy. Our ingredients and descriptions are hyperlinked to their sources, including farmers or place of origin. 
  • You can buy from multiple vendors in one click. Those vendors can even be other restaurants outside of the Flavorism culinary system.
  • Check-out is typically just one click!
  • Our software and payment gateways are SSL certified, air gapped, and tokenized. In short, we use the highest levels of security available. 
  • Create your own custom menus and favorites lists. Design your own salad and save it for future orders. Create and save as many of your own dishes as you like.
  • Have allergies or dietary restrictions? Use our simple filters to narrow down your selections to items that suit your needs.*