Restaurants are designed to serve customers at their tables. Flavorism is designed to serve you where you are.

Flavorism is the first-ever collection of delivery-only restaurants.

The founders and investors are all former chefs who manned the stoves in award-winning kitchens including Abigail Kirsch, Daniel, Payard, The Plaza, The Russian Tea Room, and The Stanhope Hotel.

Flavorism's partners have unequaled leverage and access to top quality because

  • We work directly with the farmers

  • We own our facilities, our vehicles, and our technologies

  • We handpick every operator in our facility, so if they don't meet our standards, they won't meet you.


We believe the saying "you get what you pay for" definitely holds true in the kitchen. Every chef wants to buy the most expensive ingredients because they are the best, but customers want more bang for their buck. Since we focus on delivery only and avoid the expense of a brick-and-mortar restaurant, we are able to purchase the best while keeping our prices at or below market rates.

We handpick our co-op participants not just because we're control freaks, (ok, we admit it, we are) but because we want to cross utilize both raw and semi-finished products. So that grilled steak from Farmers Palette might just be the perfect addition to a salad. It's green and it's just smart business.

Our co-op partners share the cost of rent, delivery, dishwashers, and more, allowing them to save money and focus on hiring and retaining the top talent.


We've taken the Silicon Valley-style incubator and applied it to the culinary world. We are a collection of independent business owners who share resources --- and a roof.

Our operational model eliminates many of the wasteful steps and costs involved with running a restaurant. We are able to focus our dollars on high quality ingredients, cooks, chefs and culinary entrepreneurs, rather than overhead.


Online Ordering: We've taken the guesswork out of online ordering and made it simple. What else??

Live Streaming: We think you should know where your food comes from. We think you should be involved from farm to fork. That's why we offer live streaming kitchens.

"Ask the Chef": Have you ever wanted to learn how chefs do something? Connect with us while we are streaming and we will take your question to the chef best qualified to answer you. He or she will demonstrate live through our site and our social media outlets.