How does a Shrinking Delivery Charge work?

  1. Based on the distance "cost" to deliver we reduce the delivery fee based on every dollar you spend with us. The more you spend the less it costs.
  2. We own our delivery vehicles. We use the most fuel efficient, safe and practical car/ truck for the average delivery route and order size.
  3. We pay our cooks and drivers well above minimum wage and well above the restaurant industry average but we also structure their work days to be very efficient. 
  4. In short we control our costs everywhere possible and pass along the savings to you, while elevating quality of product and service.

Why is a Shrinking Delivery Charge system beneficial to you?

  1. It keeps overall pricing low.
  2. Our culinary entrepreneurs can serve you without having to impose minimum order amounts.
  3. It makes it possible for us to create the feature where you can order from multiple Flavorism kitchens in one order.
  4. Because the charges disappear as the order value climbs, you save with every item purchased
  5. During peak hours we lower our charges because we know we are gaining efficiencies elsewhere in the business. The exact opposite of what 3rd party delivery systems do.